The Eparchy of Saint Maron and the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon join together to help people reconnect with their Christian spiritual roots in Lebanon and the Middle East.  An office in Los Angeles, under the responsibility of Father Abdallah Zaidan MLM, will assist those interested to:


1.      Obtain their sacramental records from their country of origin.

2.      Connect with family members living in their place of origins and throughout the world where they emigrated.

3.      Obtain Lebanese citizenship if desired.

4.      Obtain immigration records if desired.

5.      Remain connected with the Maronite Church here and throughout the world.


No eparchial funds will be used, but the office will accept financial help from those willing to help.  For more information contact:

            Father Abdallah Zaidan, MLM

            333 South San Vicente Boulevard

            Los Angeles, CA 90048