The Maronite Foundation proudly presents THE MARONITE ACADEMY INITIATIVE, 2ND ANNUAL SESSION in honor of the late Mr. Antoine Choueiry a founding member.  Are you from Lebanese descent and aged between 20 and 28?  Are you eager to learn about Lebanon and the Maronite heritage?  If so, register online before the end of February, 2014 and you can win a trip to Lebanon from August 2nd till August 17, 2014.  Tickets and expenses are fully covered by the Maronite Foundation.  Sign up for the session on the website  Our goal is to re-connect the ties between the Maronites in Lebanon and the Maronite Diaspora; to strengthen the Maronite Heritage and legal affiliation to the land of Cedars and to promote Lebanon as the spiritual land for the Maronites in the World.