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This Glossary of Maronite Liturgical Terms appears as Appendix IV of Captivated by Your Teachings: a Resource Book for Adult Maronite Catholics, by Fr. Anthony J. Salim. For information, please contact Fr. Salim at or (330) 792-2371.
Vatican Vatican Information                                                                            Diocese of Scranton Pre-Cana (Mariage Prep) Information

Decree on Indulgences for the Year of the Eucharist                                        Near bottom go to Marriage & Family Support, then bottom of page, Love is...

Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutrous Sfeir               

Patriarch Petitions Saint Maron for Peace                                                        National Apostolate of Maronites, NAM 

Apostolic Letter of John Paul II on the Year of the Eucharist                            Saint Joseph Melkite Church, Scranton, PA                           

Saint Maron Publications                                                                                 Hermits of Jesus, Contemplative Maronite Nuns

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Leo Ellis, Bedwick Foods, Inc.     

Histories and Other Traditions

Welcome to the Maronite Church

History of Maronites

History of Local Maronites

Saint Anthony

Saint George

History of Lebanon, Wilkes-Barre and our Parish by Albert Albert,

The Cedars

The Maronite Language

Other Maronite Parishes

Saint Jude, San Dismas, CA

Saint Anthony, Lawrence, MA, Msgr. Fahad Azar