Sunday of the Hemorrhaging Woman – Feb.  25, 2018

               *Adoration & Stations: will be every Friday at St. Anthony at 7:00 p.m..

St. Anthony & St. George Mass Schedule: February 25th – March 11th


Healing of the Hemorrhaging Woman  – St. Anthony & St. George – February 24th – 25th

Sat.        4:00 p.m.                      Mary Ellis by her Daughter

                                 Marcella Thomas by Mimi and Jean Decker


Sun.       8:00 a.m.     Joseph Blaum by the Altar and Rosary Society


                                            10:00 a.m.     Antoinette Deeb (40 Day Anniversary Mass) by Mae, Kelly and PJ




Monday – Friday – St. Anthony & St. George – February 26th – March 2nd

Mon.     9:00 a.m.          Norman L. John by Barbara Albert and Family

Tues.     9:00 a.m.     Joseph Blaum by Noelle Mouallem

Wed.     –––––––      NO MASS

Thurs.    9:00 a.m.     Mr. and Mrs. William Decker by Louise Chamoun

Fri.        9:00 a.m.     Norman John by Tish Capristo

              7:00 p.m.    Stations & Adoration of the Cross at St. Anthony Church


Parable of the Prodigal Son – St. Anthony & St. George – March 3rd – 4th

Sat.        4:00 p.m.                      Tony Decker Sr. & Tony Decker Jr. by Mimi and Jean Decker

                                 Joseph Blaum by Rose Mary Monseur


Sun.       8:00 a.m.     Josephine Blaum & Son Joseph Blaum (40 Day Anniversary Mass)

                                 by Ann Marie Blaum and Family


            10:00 a.m.     Edmund & Nellie Decker (3rd Anniversary)

                                 by Sons: Edmund, George and Jeff

                                 Antoinette Deeb by Frank and Maryann Nockley


Monday – Friday – St. Anthony & St. George – March 5th – 9th

Mon.     9:00 a.m.     Special Intention by Pastor           

Tues.     9:00 a.m.     Special Intention by Pastor

Wed.     –––––––      NO MASS

Thurs.    9:00 a.m.     Joseph Blaum by Family

Fri.        9:00 a.m.     Joseph Blaum by Barbara and John Koury

              7:00 p.m.    Stations & Adoration of the Cross at St. Anthony Church


Healing of the Paralytic – St. Anthony & St. George – March 10th – 11th

Sat.        4:00 p.m.                      Theresa Shiner by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daywood

                                 George Agusta by Daughter Georgette Austin and Family


Sun.       8:00 a.m.     Ann Pudloski by Ann Marie Blaum

                                 Joseph Blaum by Frank and Maryann Nockley


            10:00 a.m.     Anthony Thomas Sr. (2nd Anniversary) by Family

                                 Norman John by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daywood


Sanctuary Offerings: February 25th – March 3rd


Bread                                                                    Wine        

Joseph Neddoff by Sadie Ann Deeb                       Brian John Musto by Sadie Ann Deeb        

Joe Bedwick by Raymond Bedwick                        Joe Bedwick by Raymond Bedwick


Sanctuary Candle                                                  To request Sanctuary Offerings

Brian Fitzpatrick by Lena Michael                             call Sadie Ann Deeb  570-283-0226

Joe Bedwick by Raymond Bedwick                                                                                         


Offerings to the Parish: The week of February 18th



Collection          Novena           Candles           Energy            Assessment         TOTAL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

$ 1,630.00          $ 24.00             $ 255.00          $ 0.00              $ 43.00                 $ 1,952.00


Annual Bishop Appeal:  As of February 19th we have received $ 20.00.The assessed amount is $ 6,500.00. We have $ 6,150.00 to go, collection ends March 30th.


Thank You and God Bless You!


Feast Days for the Week: The week of February 25th – March 3rd


Season of Great Lent:                             

Tuesday:                   St. Thalaleus Disciple of St. Maron, Confessor

Wednesday:             Sts. Koura and Marana, Disciples of St. Maron, Confessors

Thursday:                 St. Domnina, Disciple of St. Maron, Confessor

                                  St. Afdokia of Baalbek, Confessor

Friday:                      St. John Maron, Confessor

Saturday:                  St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church, Confessor

                                  St. Katharine Drexel (USA), Confessor


                        Confession: Examine your conscience…


Here is a useful question to help you to examine your conscience…  


Have I eaten flesh meat on Friday or Ash Monday, or otherwise failed to

perform required acts of penance and mortification


A Prayer:  If I were to say I have not sinned, I would be deceiving no one but myself. 

Help me with your grace to examine myself in Your Presence.


We would like to wish a Happy Birthday & Anniversary to…


Happy Birthday!                        

Pauline Evans 2/24                   Sean Markert 2/25                   Brandon Haertter 2/26


MaryAnn Nockley 2/26            Josephine Fluegel 2/27              Christopher Bonczewski 2/27  


Fred George 2/29                     David Volovic 3/3                    Christina Kaspar 3/3


Helen George 3/3                     Janna Michael 3/4                     Lisa Thomas 3/5          


Peter Webby 3/6                      Gianna Martinelli 3/7                 Donna Volovic-Chao 3/7         


Thomas Potsko 3/7                  Josianne Haertter 3/7                Joseph Chernikovich 3/7


Oliva Richards 3/8                    Karen Bedwick 3/9                  Charles Slavish Jr. 3/10


Angela Khalife 3/10                  Frank Kasmark 3/12                James John 3/13


Happy Anniversary!


Joe and Marlene Kokinda 3/11


Happy Birthday and Anniversary to our Loved ones in Heaven!



Parishioners: Please say Prayers for those in need…


Leo Ziegler             Sharon Ellis               Stanley Madaya               Elizabeth Borek


Sadie Saba             Amy George              Dennis Knepper              Jonathon Knepper


John Becker           Jemiel Grant              Ronnie Kasmark              Mary Bonczewski


Vera Michael          Helen Joseph             Carol Ann Decker           Patricia Yanora


Father of goodness and love; hear our prayers for the sick members of our community and for all who are in need. Amid mental and physical suffering may they find consolation in your healing presence. Show your mercy as you close wounds, cure illness, make broken bodies whole and free downcast spirits. May these special people find lasting health and deliverance, and so join us in thanking you for all your gifts. We ask this through the

Lord Jesus who healed those who believed.



Lenten Observances 2018

 Lenten guidelines for the Maronites on the U.S.: 

·  All Maronites who are physically capable are to fast and abstain from meat on Ash Monday (February 12th, 2018), and Great Friday of the Crucifixion (March 30th, 2018) Fasting in the Maronite Church involves eating and drinking nothing at all (except water and medicine) from midnight until noon. The rest of the day normal meals can be taken, but without meat. On All Fridays during Lent Maronites are to abstain from meat.


Your Parish’s News and Upcoming Events


* If you can’t find your 2018 offering envelopes call the rectory during office hours*


Attention:  Stations & Adoration of the Cross will be held every Friday at St. Anthony & St. George Church (Park Ave.) at 7:00 p.m. during Lent.


Novena:   Every Monday the St. Theresa novena is held at St. George Chapel. Praying the rosary begins at 3:30p.m., with novena to follow at 4:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend!


Lenten Flower Sale:  We will be selling flowers in memory of your loved one or for a special intention for the Easter Season on February 24th/25th and March 2nd/3rd. The cost is $7.00/flower. Thank you for four continued support and donation to our parish.


Fulfill the Dream of Your Grandparents... Reconnect with Lebanon!:  Claim your Lebanese citizenship before it is too late! The new Lebanese Nationality Reacquisition Law that enables you to do so will expire soon! Register your Birth and Marriage in Lebanon via Project Roots, No Hassle and No Fee. Your registration will NOT jeopardize your American citizenship. It will, however, help Lebanon maintain demographic and cultural diversity. Contact one of Project Roots’ representatives today and begin your registration process. You can even begin the process on the following webpage: or on the Mobile APP ( If you are already registered, please refer another family to register and help spread the word about this free service. You will be making a difference!


St. Maron Annual Food Drive:  For the month of February The Altar & Rosary Society will hold their annual food drive in honor of St. Maron. There will be a box in the back of both Churches for all dry goods. Please enclose any monetary donations in an envelope addressed to the Altar and Rosary Society and put it in the basket. Thank you!


Family Ham & Cabbage Dinner:   St. Andrew Parish is holding a Family Ham and Cabbage Dinner on Sun, March 4th, in their Church Hall from 4:00p.m. or until sold out. The dinner includes: ham, cabbage, potatoes, butter beans, bread, dessert, and beverage. The cost is $12 for adults, which includes the meal and a complimentary Theme Basket ticket. All tickets will be sold at the door. Take-outs available.


Donate your seat:   The American Cancer Society needs volunteers to drive cancer patients in our community to and from their treatment appointments. For more information call 800-227-2345 or visit, to help make a difference in someone’s life.


Meals on Wheels of Greater Pittston Area:   We are in need of drivers and runners to deliver a hot meal/light supper to the areas elderly/handicapped, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-8:30am. For more information call Louise Smith, 570-655-0135.





My Dear Parishioner,


I pray you are living with new hope during this Holy Season; a hope coming from Our Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. His gift for us is to stay with us until the end of our time on this world.


 The Story of a Chinese Farmer

 Once upon a time, there was a Chinese farmer who owned a horse. One day the horse had got out and ran away. As the day came to an end the neighbor came over and said “that is too bad you lost your horse”. The farmer replied with “Maybe”.

 The next day the horse had returned and brought with him 7 wild horses.  That night the neighbor came back over to the farmer and said “that is great! Isn’t it?” Again the farmer replied with “Maybe”.

 The next day the farmer’s son tried to train the wild horses and accidently fell off and broke his leg. The neighbor came over to the farmer and said “that is terrible”. The farmer answered “Maybe”.

 The next day the military conscription came to take people to the army and they refused to take the farmer’s son due to his broken leg. The neighbor came to the farmer and said “that’s wonderful! Isn’t it?” and again the farmer replied with “Maybe”.



My Dear friends it is impossible to know what will happen to us. Whether it is good or bad we never will know what events will take place after, something that may seem bad can result in something good. It is important to just trust in God, trust what Jesus said to us “when I go up to heaven I will send the Holy Spirit and call him The Paraclete (advocate, doctor, help comforter, supporter defender).”


As Paul said…“If God is with us then who can be against us”.