Sunday, June 23, 2013


The meeting was opened with a prayer by Father Hanna.

In the absence of Maria Kaspar, Joan Knepper read the minutes from the meeting in April.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Lena Michael and second by Pat Gowen.


The Treasurer’s Report was read by Theresa Kasmark.  Motion to accept made by Joan Knepper and second by Pat Gowen.


The president called for the Committee Reports:

                        Social/Spiritual  Sign-ups are being taken for the following:

            Recitation of the Rosary:           Sept._________________________




            Chairman for the Shut-In Project___________________________

                            Publicity:  No Report

                            Altar Care:  Theresa Shiner was reimbursed for the dry cleaning bill.

    Membership:  Dues were handed in to Marie Michael to forward to   

                           Christina Nordmark.


                            Hospitality:  Mary Ann Nockley took sign-ups for the following

                                                 meetings :      





Supplies:  Lena Michael reported that she and Cynthia Collins cleaned and reorganized the kitchen closet and the supply closet and a sign was posted on the kitchen closet door to remind everyone to keep things clean and in order. 

                                    Phone Squad:  Ilene Osmanski reported that there were no

                            problems, and she thanked and praised her team for a job well done.

Christian Service:  Ann Hassy was notified to send Maria Kaspar a get well mass card.

Sanctuary Offerings:  No Report

Fund Raising Projects:  Chicken Barbecue

Cynthia Collins reported on the Chicken Barbecue.  The price will be $10.00 a person and no special price for children.  The barbecue will be held on Sunday, August 18th.  The menu will be chicken, baked potato, corn on the cob, coleslaw and watermelon and a beverage.  Potatoes, corn and watermelon have been donated.  Letters signed by Father Hanna have been sent to Wegmans, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Price Chopper requesting donations for the barbecue.  The men of the Knights of Lebanon have offered to give us a helping hand.


Two lottery drawings are underway to help to defray the cost of the barbecue. 


Following the report, it was asked if a basket raffle and/or bake sale might be considered.  Cynthia said as long as there was someone to organize these fund raising projects for the day of the barbecue that it was OK with her.   Rosa said that she would ask Cheryl Bienick if she would organize a basket stand.



Old Business:  Retreat Report:   The retreat was held on April 27th, and it went very well.

                        Mother’s Day Dinner Report:  There was a dinner held at Café Italia, and there were 23 members in attendance.  Everyone had a wonderful evening.

                        May Lottery Report:  The winner of the May lottery was a resident from Palmer Street Apartments.  The ticket was sold by Ilene Osmanski.


New Business:   Announcements:

*The Altar and Rosary Society will sponsor a Coffee Hour on June 30th following 10:00 liturgy.

*A Nominating Committee will be formed in October and a slate of officers will be presented in November for the election to take place in December.

*A chairperson is needed to organize the 2013 Christmas Dinner Party.

Future Meeting Dates:     After 10:00 Mass……….Sept. 8, 2013

                                                                               Oct. 6, 2013

                                                                               Nov. 10, 2013

                                                                               Dec. 8, 2013


There being no other business, Father Hanna concluded with a prayer.